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Awesome Speed Piano

Developer: KLL App Studio

Awesome Speed Piano is perfect app for you Funny, addictive and a very simple game.HOW TO PLAY:Click black piano tiles that appear on screen and avoid the white ones.Play in 5 different modes:* Classic* Arcade* Relay* Zen* Free PlayThis is a super fun and highly addictive game suited for everyone.No special skills needed, all this game asks of you is an attentive mind and fast fingers!Awesome Speed Piano is the sequel to your favorite Piano Tiles with new gameplay, graphics and sounds.The awesome speed piano tiles part is a fun app. Tap on any piano tile and the piano sound will be in company of a bunch of electric lightnings. The last tile you touch will hold the core of the group of the bunch of electric beams. This happen when touch the white tiles and as well when touch the black tiles. The core will not follow your finger when move your finger on the screen, in such case the core will be static.The awesome speed piano prank app section is a popular app on the Android market. Our developer team has created a more complex, but more funny though, app. The player can use the blue lightning but if the player want to use the other electric beam colors: red, yellow and green, and the strobe light then need to collect coins.This is a very interesting game,it looks very simple,but its hard to get a high score.The rule is concise,just tap the colorful tiles,the game start.Attention,once you tap the white tiles or red crump,the game would be over! This is a challenge of your endurance and ability,do you want to have a try? Join us!the core rule of this addictive game. Sounds easy? Give it a try, and see how well you stack up against your friends.Awesome speed piano (the sequel to the hugely popular game Piano Tiles (Dont Tap the White Tile) is a collection of simple Android arcade and puzzle games. 66 game modes (classic Dont tap the white tiles mode, Flappy mode, Frozen mode ...) for you to try including (but not limited to), new gameplay, a global competition mode give your fingers a fast paced thrill with the elegance of piano playing.1. Arcade mode :Tile will come down rapidly from the moment you tap the black tile of "No.1".You must be careful when it reaches the number of specific , speed becomes faster and faster.Dont tap the white tile.You need black tiles by tapping in order, the numbers as high as possible to reach.2. Classic mode :Tiles coming down step by step from the moment you tap the black tile of "No.1".To tile of "No.50", you will need to reach at the earliest possible time .Awesome speed piano is a cool and creative game to test your fingers speed and accuracy. DONT TAP THE WHITE TILE is the only rule in this game. Game Over if you step on any white piano tiles. Remember, watch out the white tile.Game Mode Description-Classic mode, tap 50 black piano tiles as soon as possible.-Arcade mode, try your best to tap the black piano tiles and do not miss one.-Zen mode, try your best to tap the black piano tiles in 15 seconds.-Bomb Mode - Avoid bombs too.There is a new Awesome Speed Piano game in town and it is now the Holiday edition version featuring a beautiful Valentines songs key notes. Quit playing that boring ol black and white tiles and play with some gorgeous red tiles to get into the holiday spirit.-Dont tap, step, touch or whatever you want to call it on the red tiles-Three simple yet addicting game modes: Survival, Time and Distance-Music to get into a jolly mood-Test your finger speed. You must have some quick reactions to make it far in this game-Compare or share your Piano Tiles score with friends.Awesome Piano Speed is the game funny and nice for android. You are ready? now, Click and install immediately. Only 3 seconds